Хозяйка медной горы (kniazhna) wrote,
Хозяйка медной горы

Salad concoction

Last night I had planned a salad for dinner but at the last moment I realized I was missing half of the ingredients.The internet gave me a couple of good ideas but I still lacked some of the other ingredients. So I got a general idea of what pairs well and concocted something along the lines. I had 0 expectations or hopes that it would be liked, but I was surprised with a total satisfaction and praise that it's a sin for a salad to be this good and delicious. And I was told to write it down as they want to eat it again and even be made for a family gathering. So here goes; totally eyeballed and easily modifiable.

Salad greens or just romaine lettuce
Cooked cut or shredded chicken breast
Dried cranberries
Cut up strawberries
Goat cheese
Poppy seed dressing or raspberry vinaigrette, or none at all.
Tags: coolinary farts
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